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CHA Animal Shelter is happy to provide this list of resources as a reference for Central Ohio area pet owners. CHA does not necessarily endorse or have any actual knowledge related to the specific services offered by the companies and individuals listed on this page. We encourage pet owners to perform their own research as to the individuals and companies that will best fit with their needs and the needs of their pets.

Pet Resources

Animal Behavior Training – Need help with training or behavior problems?

Low-Cost Spay Neuter – SOS Ohio and Columbus Dog Connection Spay Neuter Listing

Our Community Supporters

Companies and individuals listed with their logos below give $1,000 or more in donations, goods, services, or sponsorships to CHA Animal Shelter every year. We thank them for their support.

At GoodVets, we have created a new standard of care for our furry friends. By empowering local veterinarians to own and run their local practices, your pet ends up with the best possible care (and treats). In comfortable, inviting spaces for both humans and animals to enjoy, you and your four-legged friend will never dread a visit to the vet again. Because you're not going to a vet, you're going to a GoodVets.

Ohio Label

This Columbus-based label manufacturer employs many dog lovers, as evident by the canine greeters at their door. Ohio Label is a top sponsor of many CHA Animal Shelter fundraisers and has been a corporate sponsor for many years.

Robintek Logo

Robintek, a website development company & digital agency based in Columbus, Ohio, is focused on working one on one with you to take your ideas, and make them a reality. Robintek donates time and hosting fees to CHA every year to maintain our website.

The Ohio Pet License Plate is a specialty plate that will help raise funds for education, for spay and neuter of pets for low-income families and for dogs and cats adopted from qualifying agencies.

Consolidated Financial

Consolidated Financial not only partners with CHA Animal Shelter as a sponsor on fundraising events but offers personal partnership in financial management for their customers.


Thanks to the ASPCA for funding the cage bank in our dog intake area! CHA Animal Shelter works with the ASPCA on a consistent basis as a placement partner to find homes for animals rescued by the ASPCA.

Annehurst Veterinary Hospital

Annehurst Veterinary Hospital often helps to serve the animals of CHA Animal Shelter by providing services such as veterinary consultations, emergency after-hour care, medical boarding, and more advanced diagnostics as needed.

Shopping for CHA

Donate Supplies CHA Animal Shelter

Donating a Vehicle

Donating a vehicle through Volunteers of America (VOA)

CHA is a partner with the VOA Donate Your Vehicle program. The VOA accepts cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, boats, or other vehicles. For more information about the program, go to Donate Your Vehicle on the VOA website.

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