Ways you can help at CHA Animal Shelter...

In Shelter Work

  • Care for and socialize with the animals
  • Assist with maintenance and upkeep of the shelter
  • Assist potential adopters with meeting the adoptable animals


  • Plan and participate in fundraising functions
  • Contact businesses for donations of items or services
  • Spread the word to the public about our fundraising events!
  • Office work


  • Perform adoption follow-ups
  • Filing and paperwork
  • Data entry for animal records into PetPoint
  • Help with special events at the shelter


CHA Animal Shelter has a foster program that allows our volunteers to house animals with special needs on a temporary basis in their homes. This program allows CHA pets to recover from medical conditions, grow to a healthy and adoptable age, or just get relief from the stress of the shelter in a caring environment. The Foster program is open to all CHA volunteers. If you are unable to volunteer regularly with CHA Animal Shelter but are interested in providing temporary care and shelter to animals in need, you can begin the process to become a foster parent by attending a brief training and orientation. For our foster application, click here!

Matching Gifts

Does your employer offer matching gifts for donations or volunteer hours?

Matching gifts are donations made by a donor’s employer. Many employers will
sponsor matching gifts. In this case the employee (donor) makes a donation of a
certain amount and then their employer will match that amount. The percentage
varies from employer to employer but the most common matching amount is

General guidelines for submitting a request

Contact your human resource office to determine if your company participates in matching gift programs. Participating companies may have a specific matching gift office. If a matching gift office is not available, your human resource department should be able to get you started.

If you need help along the way, contact our Executive Director, Kelsey Smucker, at

A list of companies that participate in matching programs can be found HERE.

Volunteer of the Month - Kierra Ruddle

Why is it important to you that you volunteer here?
It is very important to me that I am able to do anything possible to help animals so when I saw CHA and everything they do, I knew I had to be a volunteer. Helping animals is my passion and I am very grateful to be able to volunteer at CHA.

What do you look forward to most when coming in for your shift(s)?
I most look forward to helping in any way I can. I also look forward to seeing all the cute fuzzy faces!

What can you be found doing when you’re not at CHA?
I can be found at the veterinary hospital I work at or out and about with my dogs and family!

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