Thank you for supporting CHA Animal Shelter with your fundraising efforts. The following tips and toolkit can be used to get started on your fundraising project. If you have any questions at all, please email Executive Director, Kelsey Smucker

About CHA Animal Shelter

Our mission is to serve the people and animals of Central Ohio by providing safe, temporary shelter and care for abandoned or otherwise homeless cats and dogs, and to reduce pet overpopulation by means of spay and neuter, education, and community outreach. We have been fulfilling our mission since 1975.

CHA Animal Shelter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal shelter in northeast Columbus, Ohio. CHA is funded solely by donations from adoption fees, donations from the public, and our own fundraising efforts.

Federal Tax ID: CHA Animal Shelter (Citizens for Humane Action, Inc.) Tax ID: 51-0166864. Need a receipt? Email Executive Director, Kelsey Smucker, for details.

Tip: When referring to the shelter, please use “CHA Animal Shelter” rather than “the CHA Animal Shelter”.

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Logo Usage

Logos provided in this toolkit can be used in both print and web promotional materials. The logo is copyright of CHA Animal Shelter and cannot be distorted or changed in any way. For questions on logo usage or tips with promotional materials, email Communications Manager, Carissa Hershey.

Download the CHA Animal Shelter Fundraising Toolkit

Download the CHA Animal Shelter Brochure to Share – Print Version

Make the most of your fundraising efforts

  • Tag us in your social media posts and add us a co-host of your event – we’ll return the favor and share with our followers.
  • Send photos of your efforts to Communications Manager, Carissa Hershey – we'll be sure to share your kindness.
  • Supplies donated need to be brought into the shelter (preferably during open hours). Monetary donations can be brought into the shelter or donated online. For an appointment, please email our Community Engagement Manager, Catherine Camp.

Fundraising IdeasHosting an event is a great way to help you reach your fundraising goal, while also spreading the word about CHA Animal Shelter. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Host a dinner at your house and request donations in a comfortable setting
  • If you have a birthday, graduation, wedding or other life event coming up, ask for donations to CHA instead of gifts. Check out this great listing of our most-needed items to include with your invitation.
  • Host a donation-based yoga fundraiser
  • Have a bake sale at your local school, business or church
  • Plan a carwash with a local business
  • Partner with a local restaurant for an event where a portion of the proceeds from a certain day/time go to CHA
  • Offer a dog-walking service to neighbors and friends

Social Media Fundraising

  • Link directly to any of the donation pages on the CHA website for an easy way to honor a pet or loved one.
  • Facebook makes it easy to start a fundraiser for your favorite animal shelter. Get started by clicking HERE.
  • Instagram stories are a fun way to share your love for CHA while asking for support. Use the donation button on your story and then search for CHA Animal Shelter.

Fun Facts about CHA Animal Shelter to Share

  • 95.3% of the pets in our care have been successfully adopted into loving homes
  • CHA Animal Shelter is almost entirely run by volunteer efforts. We are proud of over 400 volunteers that provide first class care to the animals that need our help.
  • On average, volunteers take 36,000 walks per year with our dogs and provide cats with 59,000 head scratches.
  • CHA provides over 63,000 thousand meals to homeless animals every year.
  • CHA has an extensive Foster Care Program which allows the shelter to take in young, sick, and injured animals from the community and house these animals in the homes of volunteers until they are recovered and are old enough to return to the shelter to be adopted.
  • Dogs and cats are able to be spayed/neutered onsite in the shelter’s surgery suite – the average surgery day at CHA is run by one veterinarian, one veterinary technician, and one veterinary assistant and this team is able to provide surgeries to an average of 15 animals per surgery day.
  • Dogs and cats at CHA receive detailed enrichment plans in order to keep them physically and mentally happy in the shelter environment. Daily enrichments for dogs include food-filled enrichments, puzzle toys, playgroups, and out-of-cage time in shelter offices. Daily enrichments for cats include catnip-infused toys, “kitty kongs” (Easter eggs filled with wet food) and having volunteers/staff members read to the cats.
  • CHA partners with several other animal welfare organizations to bring dogs from crowded rural shelters with low adoption traffic to CHA’s location where most dogs are adopted within a few short days.
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